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Los Roques bucket bag. Teal bucket bag made by venezuelan designer. Made of real leather. how to style a black satchel bag

Born in Venezuela and living in the United States, Eugenia Molina has spent most of her life immersed in fashion. An early childhood interest in designing, sewing, and styling herself made her want to become a fashion designer. Unfortunately she could not study fashion at that time due to some economical issues. So, she bacame a foreign language teacher, which passionates her as well. Once she graduated from College she started to study a minor in Fashion design. Later, she opened her own boutique where she began to understand marketing and business, always thinking about the possibility of launching , one day, her own clothing line.   Now, she is launching this website with her own designs and handbag collection.   Eugenia, as a professional mom, wife and daughter, encourages women to be original and to explore the many different ways they can style themselves, with the right pieces.  Her designs evoque the modern woman who appreciates timeless fashion while incorporating pieces that can be contrasting, chic and unexpected.