Victoria Beckham's Style | The statement Pieces in her Wardrobe

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Victoria Beckham Style

Hey guys! today I will be sharing with you some tips that I follow from one of my favorites style icons, I am speaking about Victoria Beckham, of course!

everybody know Victoria for her beautiful and polished style, she is one of the celebrities that know her style and figure so well. 

Here in this post I want to share some of her favorite pieces, that are a must if we want to look like her, or at least to try!

The white shirt:

This is a statement and classic piece that Victoria wears so perfectly. We know that the white shirt is one of the basic pieces we need in our wardrobe, the point is to know how to combine it and to select the one that fits our own style. 


The Perfect Pants:

Victoria loves wearing pants, they are classic, and comfortable at the same time. However, it is not a simple pair of pants, they have to be elegant and sophisticated as well. 

The Trench Vest:

This is one of the favorites pieces of Victoria, because it is comfy and suitable. This trend is very sophisticated and it is so trendy now. 


The Trench Coat:

And of course we cannot obviate this pieces from this list. This is another "Must have"if we want to steal Victoria's style.

The Blazer jacket:

This is another statement piece that we should have in our wardrobe and Victoria has it for sure! this is a classic piece that we can combine with many garments and create the perfect polished outfit for any occasion.  


The Little Black Dress:

As you may realize all the pieces that we are describing in this post are related to the basic wardrobe, which is marvelous because they are pieces that we can wear all the time and in many events. We have seen Victoria in beautiful black dresses, very minimalist and feminine. 



The Essential Pair of Jeans:

Believe it or not, Victoria admits that she loves wearing jeans and feel comfortable, she has also shown how jeans can be a very elegant piece if we match it with the perfect pieces. However, it is good to highlight that she loves high raised jeans. 


 Timeless Handbags:

We already know Victoria loves pieces and accessories that can last a lot, materials that are high quality and shapes that are wearable and endless. 

Comfy and Fashionable Shoes:

As every woman Victoria loves being comfortable as well, and she loves wearing shoes that are not only gorgeous but also that help her legs feel relaxed and ready for the day. We have seen her in oxford platforms shoes and sneakers too. However, we cannot forget about the pointed shoes that are very "her". 



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