Top 10 Spring Bags

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Hey!! I am so excited to show you the new trend alerts that we have regarding to bags during this spring season.

What I love about this fashion trends is that we have a lot of options when shopping a new bag. Let me show you the new spring bag collection that we have available in our store.

#1 Camera Bags:

They are great to take just the "essentials"with you, such as cellphone, car keys, camera and that's it! Remember that having a camera with you and blog everything you enjoy during the day is very trendy now. 


#2 Mini Bags:

These are the bags we are seeing the most on celebrities and street style people. we have heard that good things come in tiny packages and it seems it is true. I love this trend because they not heavy, they are versatile and we can have just what we need.  

#3 Bucket Bags:

I love this style of bags! This is more functional for women who have lots of things in their bags. This trend came last year and it seems that is staying with us for a while, because we just simply love 


#4 Velvety bags:

I have to admit that I was not a huge fan of velvet, but I am in love with velvet bags, they are so chic and it is a nice way to add velvet on your outfit. 


# 5 Embroidered Bags:

This is the year when we will see a lot of embroidered and embellished bags everywhere! They go from prints to crochet flowers attached.


# 6 Chain bags: 

They are simple, classic and elegant. Perfect size and very chic!





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