This Season is all about Blue Stripes!

blue stripe blouse blue stripe tops spring trends 2017

Spring is here and we want to share with you one of the most beautiful trends this season, and we are talking about blue stripes. 

But this kind of fabrics are not the one we used to see in the past, like the navy stripes, but more similar to men's shirt and with some feminine details that make the piece to stand out. 

Blue Stripes:


Stripes are seriously everywhere or at least every one of us should have one shirt like these ones. They come in many different designs and models. They look great paired with blue jeans, and white jeans as well. 


Blue Stripes with details:

If we just want to look a little bit more risky and chic we can choose the stripe design but with some embroidered or details on.



Now, don't get me wrong, but we have to be very selective when buying this trend, because is so in now that we don't want to look like everybody else either. 

So my suggestion is to try different looks and very unique so you can just stand out and look very you and not like everyone else. So, try statement pieces that can show the effort and professional you are when dressing up. 

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