The Perfect Pair of Jeans to Look Taller

the perfect pair of jean to look taller

high waisted jeans outfits

Happy weekend girls! Glad to be able to share with you once again my fashion tips that I have learned and continue learning in my day to day and that I love to share with you.

 In this opportunity I present my new "MUST HAVE" and is this pair of jeans, but no any regular pair, the high waisted pair of jeans!!

You really can not imagine how comfortable and how I love wearing them, they are super versatile and the best thing is that they fit your figure and make you look spectacular without much effort.

I must confess that when I see myself in the mirror I realize how stylized the figure looks with this type of trousers because not only does it make you look taller, it really defines your silhouette very well.

This time I combine them with a basic t shirt top to the waist, to respect the size of the jean and to look thinner, it is pointless to add a long top with this type of jeans.

 The fun part of creating this outfit is that we can also try the combination of prints, you can chose some stilettos with a beautiful print or even a nice print top by adding a third color in a very subtle way.

high waisted jean outfits

 Combining prints is not difficult if we start with very minimal details and then go risk a little bit more.

 So girls, if you still do not have this type of jeans, then you should add them to your shopping list. You will not regret!

 With love,

Eugenia Molina

high waisted jeans eugenia molina


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