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Our New Handbag Collection is here!

Hi everyone!!!

Merry Christmas! It is a pleasure to write and greet you in this wonderful time as Christmas. I love it because it is a unique and special moment, my favorite indeed.

I am very happy to announce that my leather bag collection is now available on our website

It has been a long creative process that has made me feel very excited and even more able to share this great illusion with all of you who have been reading me for a while now.

I have named the collection "Bon Week-end" which means "Have a nice Weekend" in French. The reason why I have named it that way is because of everything that the weekend represents for us as women ...

- It is the moment in which we can rest and share with our loved ones.

_ It's our time to go for a walk, do some shopping and visit new places.

- It's the time we visit our friends and take a little time for us.

-And above all is the ideal time to dress differently and show off those unique pieces that have been stored in our closet waiting for an ideal afternoon.

That is why I designed four  handbags with different characteristics that little by little I will be presenting and describing for you with more details. For now I leave the link and some pictures where you can see them.

Los roques venezuela bag


black saffiano leather satchel bag


crossbody bag


tote bag

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