Summer Print Essentials

Summer is almost here and we are ready to look great and gorgeous this season of the year. I will be sharing with you some of the best prints outfits we have available in our store to look stunning these months. 

We tend to wear floral prints in Spring but summer is also a good opportunity to keep using those garments and look fresh and colorful.


1. The Slip Dress: Many celebs are wearing this trend in summer but this time the fabrics and prints are more linked to summer items and vibes. 


2. Palm Tree Prints: we know that when we think about vacations, and spending time at the beach, we immediately think about palm trees. So yes, this is the print every girl should have in the closet. 



3. A touch of Grey: We have heard that gray is a color exclusive for winter and fall but this year is not really true. We can wear a pair of summer pants in this color combined with white, because white gives the garment the summer portion to be unique and so useful this season. 



4. Vivid Colors: Bright colors are a must every summer season, they add a lot of light in our tanned skin and make us look so gorgeous!




5. So Blue! we know that blue is what represents summer mostly, and it is because it reminds us the sea, the deep ocean view in every summer vacation we have spend. So add blue in your outfit this year too!



6. Pure White: This is not a print but let's be honest there is no other color better to wear during summer than white. white keeps our outfit clean, polished and pure. 



All outfits are available in our store:


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