Summer 2017 Accessory Trends

summer 2017 accessory trends


Hey guys!!! Summer is finally here and we are more than ready to enjoy it! 

When a new season arrives a lot of questions about fashion and trends come to our mind and that is because we want to look gorgeous during the season, one of our favorite season in fact. 

Today I will be sharing with you the new trends regarding to accessories, remember that this is a great part to complete our look. 

This year is about "More is More", yes as you read! we need to maximize our efforts in accessories this season. 

Trend 1: Oversized Chokers:

Yes!!! We do not want chokers to leave yet! But this time try a big one, more colorful and different. 



Trend 2: XXL Necklaces:

As I said before, one we need to buy this season is everything that is big, giant and notable. The material can be shining, colorful or whatever. 


Trend 3: Bohemian Vintage Pieces:

We love this trend! As you can know that is why the name our store! This season is about Boho Chic trend, it is everywhere.


Trend 4: Statement Earrings:

This summer we can just wear a pair of XXL earrings and that't it! 


Trend 5: Minimalist pieces:

Good news for those girl that prefer to wear minimalistic pieces. This season you can wear them in black combined with metals such as gold and silver. 






All pieces are available here in our store! 

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