Spring is Coming!!! Shoe Trend Alert

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Hey guys!!! I am so excited to post this new blog! 

Spring is coming and it is time to rock the most beautiful booties we have in oir closet, and if we don't then it's time to go shopping!

Here I share our new arrivals in shoes! I hope you find your better half!

Satin Floral Print Booties

This pair of booties are perfect for a stylish date out night.

Velvet Booties:

This pair are so fabulous, and the most important thing is that they are so comfy and that's a plus!

Velvet High Heel Boot:

This pair of heels are a must this year! You can wear them with dresses, pants, jeans, they are so versatile. 

Lace-up Booties:

I love them! They are so in now! 

Did you like them? visit our store and check out more styles!



With love,

Eugenia Molina


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