Olivia Culpo Style


Olivia Culpo Style

What I personally like about Olivia's  style is that sometimes she can look so effortless and some other days she looks simply stylish. What is true is that she always surprises us with a new look. 

For those who don't know Olivia Culpo, she is the Ex Miss Universe, and of course the ex girlfriend of singer Nick Jonas.

The thing is that we cannot ignore how she puts everything on in a very particular way to look impecable every time she shows off!

I highly recommend that you follow her in instagram, you will love all her outfits! @oliviaculpo

Here in this post I will be sharing some tips to definitely steal her look:

Tip #1: Wear unconventional Pieces:

Yes, I think this is what most describe her style. She loves wearing pieces that are not really common and that maybe nobody have tried to wear, and the good thing is that she know how to rock those statement pieces!


Wide Sleeve Top

Asymmetrical Dress 


Tip #2: Wear Culottes:

We see her wearing a lot of culotte pants recently and she looks gorgeous. Even she is a petite woman, she knows how to style this piece in perfection. 

Wide Leg Culotte Pants

Tip #3: Wear Print Maxi dresses:

We know that maxi dresses are so "IN" now, and Olivia tends to wear them a lot. She likes wearing them with belts and with very deep neck style. 



Floral print Dress


Long sleeve Dress

Tip #4: Wear Lace Detail Pieces:

Lace is a fabric trend that stays with us every year. Olivia wears a lot of romantic pieces with lace.


Lace white dress

Lace jacket

Lace Bodice Romper 


Tip #5: Use satchel bags:

It seems that she loves having a lot of items in her purse, because we see her most of the times with satchel and big bags. 



Tip #6: Wear Heels and Pumps:

She is a short woman and she loves wearing heels, all colors and textures.

Bold Color Pumps

Transparent Heels




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