How to Style the New Sweatshirts by Eugenia Molina

All the girls who love Fashion and trends are opting
for this garment, which is so versatile, fun and casual; I'm
talking about the trendy sweatshirts.

Every day there are more brands that have decided to have
these sweaters in their collections, as they are so trendy
these seasons. Of course, we do not want to be left out,
and we have launched a collection of shirts and sweaters so
spectacular that can be combined with our clothes and be perfect
to create amazing chic and fun outfits.

Now, the question is: How to show them off? Obviously the most
practical style would be to take your sweater, a pair of
jeans and your favorite sneakers, and that's it! However,
there are other ways to style these pieces in a more elegant
and chic way. Here I share some little tips that will serve
as a guide:

Look # 1: Combined it with a leather skirt or pants.

Look #2:  Style it with a beautiful scarf.

Look #3:  Try a perfect and polished total

Look #4 Try a statement necklace and . a pair of white booties. 

Look #5: take a little bit of risk pairing this weatshirt with a midi skirt and a pair of booties. 

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