Fashion Trends: Polka Dots

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The Polka Dots Returns

fashion trend polka dots

Hello My beautiful beloveds, I hope you enjoy the following post about trends that are super in and that of course will make us look very stylish and chic.

In this opportunity we will talk about the great "polka dots". Polka dots is that pattern that has been fashionable many times in the past and that today returns with much more strength.

Here I share some tips to show off this beautiful print as a "pro", take paper and pencil and put it into practice as soon as you can.

1. Dare to wear the polka dots in skirts and pants.

2. If you still do not feel totally confident with this peculiar pattern, dare to wear it in accessories, such as scarves and earrings.

3. Take a little risk by combining pieces of polka dots with "bold" or very striking colors, such as fuchsia, yellow, green.

4. Choose a dress of tiny polka dots that will give you a very chic look.

5. Wear a polka dot blouse with a lot of prominence, such as ruffles.

6. A blazer of this pattern would be a risky option but certainly very chic.

7. Some shoes in polka dots would give the final touch to any look.


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